About Us

We are a team of professionals, dedicated to encouraging sustainable design within the building industry and its related businesses.

We provide clients with required reports that comprehensively outline, describe and recommend ecological solutions for different stages of the construction process.

Our team’s professional and personal growth is fostered within a positive working environment. Our innovative, original thinking works diligently towards ensuring the social, economic and environmental needs of our community are met and enjoyed by future generations.

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy and motivation is simple. We believe everyone has a responsibility to protect the Earth’s eco-systems.

By preserving natural resources, we can guarantee that communities will continue to benefit from an uncompromised quality of life.

In addition, conserving natural resources within our lifetime ensures the legacy we leave for future generations is one that advocates respect for our environment as well as for each other.

Our role in assessing and encouraging sustainable design within the building industry is an important one because it supports ecologically-sound practises.

Our work enables us to promote more efficient use of ecological resources and reduce unnecessary environmental impact.